So the question burning in your mind today is “what is the fuss about VoIP? What even is it — and why should I care?”
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It means that your phone system can be powered using your high speed internet.
“Why would we want that? DO we want that?” you ask.

Well — you might!


When your phone system is hosted in the cloud, the phone company doesn’t have to come wire your office. If people within your company change offices, or your whole business even moves to another site, it is as easy unplugging, taking it with you, and plugging it back in. All you need is a wired connection to your network, which can come from the ethernet port on a computer, and doesn’t have to be tethered to a wall.  (Easiest solution for office moves, inter-office, or physical address.)

VoIP solutions have many features that come standard in their plan: setting up multiple mailboxes, creating auto-attendants that can walk your clients through various menu options, creating customized ring groups to reach multiple members of a department, and even conference calling. There are countless other options available as well for small upcharges, like call center features. If you can imagine it, these phones can probably do it.  (Robust features in the basic plan, with additional options available with an upcharge.)

With the advancements in network speeds, businesses are able to run operations over their computers, laptops, smartphones, printers, servers and phones — all using the internet — without issue. In our initial discussions, your network will be assessed to make sure it can handle the VoIP system. If needed, we will make modification suggestions to ensure excellent call quality can be achieved.  (Simultaneously use the internet on your computer, phone and any peripherals at the same time without any interruptions or lag.)

You can (99.9% of the time) bring your existing number to your new system! We help facilitate the communication between phone company, and hosted VoIP provider to secure a smooth transition for your customers by porting your current number. (Keep your current phone numbers!)

Even with the investment of new phones, VoIP systems are still a fraction of the price compared to traditional land-line phone systems. Shifting an expensive upgrade from a Cap-X (capital expenditure) to an Op-X (operational expenditure) makes for a compelling reason to upgrade your existing infrastructure to VoIP.  (With great features and an affordable price point, VoIP is real contender in the telephone market.)

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