Performance and Security Assessments

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Optimize Efficiency and Minimize Risk
with Performance and Security Audit Services

You must balance the technology requirements of your workforce and customers—speed, convenience, accessibility, and user-friendliness—against your responsibility to keep sensitive data and essential infrastructure safe and secure. A Fifth Gear IT security assessment addresses these requirements and supports your strategic goals and organizational vision.

Performance and Security Assessments
by Fifth Gear Technology Concepts

As part of our performance and security assessment services, Fifth Gear Technology Concepts tests your systems to ensure optimal performance, identifies infrastructure limitations and analyzes your IT environment to mitigate risks. We then present you with unbiased recommendations to improve security and performance, as well as a proposal for addressing any issues in coordination with your internal IT team.

Benefits of Performance and Security Assessments
from Fifth Gear Technology Concepts

  • Keep valuable assets secure
  • Align your goals and security
  • Optimize performance
  • Identify and resolve security gaps
  • Eliminate inefficiencies in current infrastructure
  • Strengthen the efforts of your in-house IT team

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